Bug Hunters Welcome


2016 has started off with a fantastic bug hunt thanks to Christ Church Primary School in Wigan and The Fernwood School in Nottingham.

Colleagues in these two schools have helped us improve Blippit IO significantly by doing something very simple…

…they told us when something didn’t behave as expected!

As a result, we have managed to IDENTIFY & FIX a bug that was triggered by a unique set of user actions causing some Writer Widgets to lose their writing. Annoying! On the 12th January @16:00 GMT we’ll be implementing the fix across all schools.

Anyone can help us to improve Blippit IO by dropping an email to support@blippit.co.uk describing what happened.

Sometimes, struggling a bit in class may just be to do with familiarity but other times we may need to do some debugging as we have done this last few days.  We so appreciate anyone who takes the time report what might be a bug because it means we can save many others from going through the same issues.

So join in with us today, as Blippit IO continues to evolve and change, in helping to make the Blippit Community a Happy Bug-Free one!

Share this video with parents – How to avoid missing Facebook updates

If you’re a member of the school’s Facebook community but haven’t interacted with any school updates for quite a while, you are much less likely to see updates coming through.  This is Facebook’s algorithms at work ensuring you only see what you’re interested in. However, a relatively new free feature emerged which not many people realise is there that can fix the issue of “I didn’t hear about that!”

We’ve made a 24 second video below (no sound) to show you what your parents need to do.  Just copy and paste this YouTube link


…and share it to your school Facebook page and ask parents to Share & Like it to that their network of friends (other parents) see the video and can act on it too.

As a back up, it’d be worth mentioning the video via other communication channels for parents too.

Here’s the video – hope you find it useful.

Special Blippit IO CC4 Download for RM Unify Users

RM SupporRM Unify schools should now use the browser based version of Blippit instead of the CC4 download  This is the easiest way to sign in with RM Unify.

Schools using the original Blippit App Maker will still be able to access this through RM Unify until renewal time when special upgrade rates will be applied to everyone migrating over to Blippit IO.

We love the fact that RM Unify’s approach gives their schools the single sign-on experience.  The way that we have modified Blippit IO for schools using RM Unify means that there’s no distractions or worries about usernames and passwords either – which has to be a good thing!  If you’ve never tried single sign-on services you may want to find out more.


Make your apps look more professional: New Theme Choices

Last week we released a new layer of ‘look and feel’ choices for Blippit IO App Maker users to apply to their project apps.  This is a free upgrade to all our existing and trial schools.

We’ve added

  • a huge range of icons to choose from
  • colours to apply to individual button icons
  • broad themes that follow design rules according to your personal preference of phone platform between iOS and Android
    • not just about looking pretty but also about putting the navigation in the correct place for the phone device


The iOS & Android Styles

These are brand new and include a huge collection of icons that you can now pick from to make the app look more professional.  Once you have selected a style a extra ‘Advanced’ tab appears on every widget where you choose colours and icon.

  • There is now ‘icon only’ navigation on the footer area too which many people have been asking for.


The Default Style

This is the standard theme that has always been popular because of it’s speed and simplicity.  So, we’ve left this in as well as the iOS and Android Styles.



App Publishing Refresher

RefresherWhen you just need a refresher on a topic that you’ve not visited for ages, like app publishing, there’s a simple and quick way to feel like a super-capable ninja.

Entering the Knowedgebase

There’s always Google, but, for more specific info on Blippit IO there’s a Knowledgebase accessible from within Blippit IO itself via the Help/Info icon.



Above is a screenshot of the popular topic of app publishing from the Knowledgebase.  This entry is a series of screenshots that walk you through the process.

Other topics and tours feature videos to watch like the Admin Tour.  So, don’t feel stuck whatever you do.  Click the Help/Info icon in Blippit IO when you’re logged in and you’ll never be far away from the information you need.


New Blippit IO Knowledge Base & Support

We’re building a brand new Blippit IO knowledge base for schools to supplement how you can find solutions to queries and create support requests too.

Register with the Blippit IO Knowledge Base via Google, Facebook or Twitter Accounts or just use your own credentials.

When you are not Registered the Knowledge Base will look like this.

When you ARE registered here’s a peek at what’s there now…

[thumbnail src=”http://blog.blippit.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Solutions___Blippit-1024×849.png”]

…and here’s a sample of a Solution article

[thumbnail src=”http://blog.blippit.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Solutions___Blippit-2.png”]