Bug Hunters Welcome


2016 has started off with a fantastic bug hunt thanks to Christ Church Primary School in Wigan and The Fernwood School in Nottingham.

Colleagues in these two schools have helped us improve Blippit IO significantly by doing something very simple…

…they told us when something didn’t behave as expected!

As a result, we have managed to IDENTIFY & FIX a bug that was triggered by a unique set of user actions causing some Writer Widgets to lose their writing. Annoying! On the 12th January @16:00 GMT we’ll be implementing the fix across all schools.

Anyone can help us to improve Blippit IO by dropping an email to support@blippit.co.uk describing what happened.

Sometimes, struggling a bit in class may just be to do with familiarity but other times we may need to do some debugging as we have done this last few days.  We so appreciate anyone who takes the time report what might be a bug because it means we can save many others from going through the same issues.

So join in with us today, as Blippit IO continues to evolve and change, in helping to make the Blippit Community a Happy Bug-Free one!

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