Time to reward schools

The best way for us to say thank you to the schools using Blippit Boards is by listening to their feedback and ideas so that we can continue to improve in the most helpful ways.

The next best way to say thank you is by expressing our thanks in the form of a practical gift, which we’ve decided should be in the form of ‘time’.  It’s what Blippit Boards is all about. Recognising, saving and optimising people’s use of time in school, particularly subject leaders.

Our reward program is simple.
You refer Blippit Boards to another school that orders Blippit Boards, and your school earns a free 2-month extension to Blippit Boards with a maximum of 6 free months or 3 schools in anyone one subscription year cycle being allowed.

Get rewarded with Blippit Boards

Also, read more about our Eco-Schools and Global Neighbours collaborations.

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