Deputy Headteacher talks about Blippit Boards

Deputy Headteacher Mrs Jackson is from Saighton CE Primary School in Chester where the school started using Blippit Boards in 2022.

Who better to share their experience and this new approach to supporting subject leaders in their monitoring role?  We’re happy to be able to share with you four 1-2 minute videos from a Zoom call with Mrs Jackson in July 2022 that focus upon

  1. speed & ease of getting started
  2. how it’s revolutionised the way they work
  3. where the benefits are felt
  4. their initial SIAMS starting point

We’ve also added quick tour and reports-focused videos to the playlist if you want to see what Mrs Jackson is hoping to be making much more use of next year.

Listening to people like Mrs Jackson has been important in making sure that we stick close to the right path in helping subject leaders.  The 2022 Christian Aid Global Neighbours collaboration was initially triggered as an idea from Mrs Jackson herself who mentioned that including it in Blippit Boards could help a lot of schools.

We’re very grateful as you can imagine and look forward to many more chats in the future!

Deputy Headteacher talking about Blippit Boards

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