Blippit IO 2016 Blippit Blocks: Live & Free 5/1/16

Blippit Blocks has been added to Blippit IO.  It’ll be available for all schools to use from @5pm (GMT) 5/1/16

Blippit Blocks…
  • is a block-based visual programming tool for Key Stage 2-3 Computing.
  • promotes computational thinking opportunities
  • is great for developing debugging skills
  • is designed so that student/teacher project sharing, creation & playback are really simple & open
  • has accessibility built in with the option of a higher contrast/larger text Code Theme
  • has whole class big screen accessibility built in with the option of super-zoom
  • is touch-responsive so can be used in the browser on an iPad
  • has Python, not Javascript, under the hood when you want to see what the Blocks are really doing
  • sends it’s code seamlessly to Blippit IO’s PureCode Python tool for keen coders to develop further in text

Write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals, solve problems by decomposing them into smaller parts use sequence and repetition in programs.

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Teachers can share projects with students as a Blippit IO Template Project for debugging, extension and development.  We’ve also added a special button that appears in Blippit Blocks Projects so you can export your Blocks code into Blippit IO PureCode Python for more advanced text-based coding development, if needed, using the popular Python language.

Thanks to all our fabulous school users for your ongoing feedback, support and interest in Blippit IO – we really do appreciate it!

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