Part 1: Learning with Year 2 about the Vikings, non-chronological reports and app making

We’ve been focusing on how the process of improving non-chronological report writing could combine with publishing a mobile app using Blippit’s App Maker.

One of the most striking factors was the effect of telling the children that their app would be seen by the world; this would include mum & dad on their mobile phones too.  We’ve always believed in the positive effect of having an authentic audience and what was clear was that these children, at such a young age, were highly motivated at the thought.

What you’ll get a sense of in the video is the absolute focus on literacy and writing improvement.  What was less easy to capture was the willingness of the children to ‘fix’ their writing to make it better.  This is the ‘norm’ for these children it seems and dealing with being told that there’s ‘a problem with’ some part of their writing was not a problem for them.  You can get the Viking App Template from Blippit Academy.

Listen to Assistant Head & Literacy Leader Mrs Emma Smallshaw, from Salesbury Primary in Lancashire, in action with her class and reflecting afterwards about the process so far.

You can also read and listen to Part 2 of this project and if you prefer YouTube you can catch the project playlist here.

Get this ready-to-import Heart Fitness Blippit App Project Template

We’re aiming to help with scaffolding learning in the classroom using app making as the vehicle across any area of the curriculum.  Children love making and publishing apps so why not?

Below you’ll see a screenshot of Planet Blippit where we’ve published a template project app for children to adapt and make their own. Here’s how YOU can do this for any topic and any subject.

To get the Heart Fitness App Project Template

  1. download it from Planet BlippitBlippit Academy or directly here
  2. follow this video of how to download then upload a template into Blippit App Maker.

.app template heart fitness

New App Maker Templates – make, share, remix, download & upload apps

faster, smoother starts
Say goodbye to a blank app project starting point!  New features to support faster, smoother and easier lesson starts, assessment and collaborative working are now live for all schools.
Here’s what you can now do
  1. Save a great project starter app as a project template and share it out directly within Blippit to target year groups/classes or individuals for any subject or colleague to use.
  2. Save time year on year with planning and preparation
    • save, store and re-cycle templates
    • make templates to support different abilities and share to targeted students with differing levels of scaffolding in place within the app template
  3. All users can now download an app at any stage of development.  This is useful for assessment purposes in that you can have different versions of the app saved to show how it has developed over time
  4. Download an app from Planet Blippit (see how in this video) and upload it to your own account for re-mixing before you share it out to targeted class groups
  5. Teams of students working collaboratively can plan and develop an app project together then download the basic app and share an exact copy to each member of the team to develop different versions based on that design.  This is done with the new app template upload/ download feature available to all users.

Here’s one video about how the teacher can now really easily share their own project in the app maker as a template for other children to work with and learn from.  More videos on this topic are in the Blippit Knowledge Base.


Planet Blippit

As you can see every app made by a student or teacher user now has an extra link so that others can download and remix the app if they want to using their own Blippit App Maker account.  No other tool can open a Blippit App to remix and develop it further.  All apps are teacher approved and all apps carry an audit trail in their About section to show the origins of the app project.

Planet Blippit Downloadable Apps


Yr 7 Planning Resource & Primary Examples

open-folder-with-fileHave you taken a look at yet? Try our self-paced teacher CPD course for app making.

Holgate Academy’s Year 7 Scheme for Blippit’s App Maker was in today’s collection of Google results!  It’s a very thoroughly prepared few weeks of work that’d we recommend you take a look at if you’re looking for ideas certainly.

  • Here’s the Year 7 Scheme of work on App making with Blippit

maths appsWe also like to read blogs where an educator as taken time to reflect or share on their work.  Here’s one that came from Woodmansterne in Lambeth where you’ll get a great overview of the apps they’ve been making with the original Blippit App Maker not Blippit IO

viking appsWe’re waiting to see what Valence Primary school has been up to in more detail but try to

  • visit Valence Primary School talking about viking apps made with Blippit

Lastly we’ve updated our Year 6 planning units too so do take up our invitation to download, adapt & adopt as you see fit. They have links to videos and real examples now included that weren’t in before

If you’re involved in a project using any of our tools just email and we’ll feature you on the blog.

Welcome from Blippit Australia

If you’ve just landed on the blog via Blippit Australia we’d like to say “Hi!” and  say “thanks” for looking at what Blippit is all about.

We’re on the Gold Coast and if you’d like to get in touch or learn much more our website is at   We’re looking forward to seeing how you get on but don’t be stuck, do email us at for help.


New Units of Work for App Making at Year 6

App Maker Plans for Year 6

Coming out this month is a ready-to-go curriculum planning resource designed to save you time  dealing with the demands of the new Computing Curriculum particularly at Year 6.

What’s in them?

10 units of work mapped to the Computing and wider curriculum programmes of study plus. We fully expect and encourage people to tweak these units up and down to suit different year groups.

Each unit

  • assumes one lesson a week over a 6-7 week period
  • provides ‘must’ ‘could’ ‘should’ outcomes
  • gives a step-by-step walk through of exactly what to do
How do you get them?

We’re still working that bit out but all being well there’ll be a few different formats to suit however you like to digest this sort of resource.

Follow @justblippit for updates


Primary & Secondary App Maker Plans by Schools (Updated: 09/16)

Blippit Plans
Blippit App Maker Plans
St Catherine’s CE Primary

These app maker plans were written by Mr Rigby in Year 6

Holgate Academy

Year 7 with a seven week app making unit plus assessments

Year 7 6 week planning Unit
The Fernwood School – Year 9

These app making plans were originally written and shared by Alex Young.

We invite you to comment below or ping @justblippit on Twitter with a link to more resources.  Thanks!


LP_eventMfL specialists will no doubt have already been tuned in to this content rich event that went out today from Liverpool featuring some top drawer speakers & international attendees.

The biggest thrill (for us!) was hearing Blippit mentioned as a great way in for MfL teachers wanting to get children making apps – without having to

  • go on a course to become a Jedi code master
  • shift the focus from MfL

If you’ve got some time tune in below to Joe Dale who spoke (in fluent English) at the conference sharing a huge quantity of possible starting points for the gathered folks.  Enjoy & get ready with that pause button while you jot down some of these ideas.

Watch live streaming video from ltsig at

Student Voice Videos in MfL from Ormiston Sudbury Academy

It’s very very difficult to beat authentic student voice and to be honest it’s even more difficult to describe the ‘W’ Factor that can come with it AKA the ‘wince’ factor.  Students don’t ‘dress it up’ or typically use political speak so try to imagine if you will how I watched these videos through one eye!

FrenchThe context is that they were taken by MfL expert/teacher Jen Turner @msmfl from Ormiston Sudbury Academy last week during an MfL lesson – not an ICT lesson.  Jen originally used the videos in her demo app shared at the Language World conference in Nottingham in a workshop p’unnily entitled “Making it Appen – making a language app with your students.” (See full session lists here – it’s impressive)

So, you can watch these with two eyes and two ears wide open I hope – they’re talking about us not you 😉

SB-apps from Jen Turner on Vimeo.

JH-apps from Jen Turner on Vimeo.

JH-demo-apps from Jen Turner on Vimeo.

TL-demo from Jen Turner on Vimeo.

CR-apps from Jen Turner on Vimeo.