School Subject Leaders in Action

This term we popped into a school to take some photos of the teachers capturing their displays and working walls, as part of monitoring their subject areas, so we thought it might be nice to share a couple here on the blog.

Take a look at the photos below to get an idea of how schools are now able to save time and do something that brings unique insights to leadership and subject leaders that are on offer through displays.

In this school, we had a quick look together at the DashBoard subjects chart but instead of it being the usual English and Maths suspects it was something else.  The school had recently introduced revised schemes of work for science and geography hence there was clear evidence that these subjects were being well represented on the walls with good evidence captured for monitoring as a result.

It’s critical that the hard work and effort of children and teachers get recognised of course.  It’s also important that as a subject leader, particularly if you’ve just done a major piece of strategic work like introducing a new or revised scheme into school, that you know for a fact what’s up on the walls to signal success.

As we see more and more schools take on Blippit Boards in order to try out a smarter way of monitoring subjects through display and working walls it’s incredibly encouraging when a plate spinning early years teacher feeds back how simple it all now is too. No one has the time to do something that’s inefficient or has little to no impact so to see and hear such lovely feedback for ourselves is nothing short of music to our ears.

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