Blippit Nano

Blippit Nano will be replaced in 2022 with Blippit Meds.

Blippit Nano

Blippit® Nano is one of the latest 2019 developments for the Blippit® platform created in response to demand from the private and public health sector to help empower their workforce by giving them mobile access to key information on-the-go on any smart device. Working with the NHS in this way is exactly what Blippit has always been about.  Breaking down barriers.

Time isn’t always just money. It can also be the difference between a medical professional being able to usefully intervene in a patient’s critical care at the right time or not.  Part of this is having access to up to date critical care information that is quality assured & published by trusted peers.

To help meet this challenge,  Blippit® Nano app has been deployed to assist the CCU colleagues of a large local large Healthcare Trust.

The app itself is structured to ensure that it fits like a glove and does what’s needed for the different levels of user access required across the Critical Care team.  Of course, budget is always a key consideration on any NHS project so we’re pleased that as well as keeping initial & running costs right down we aim to bring clear efficiency savings to the Trust too.

In future we’ll be sharing more about our experiences around of this way of working with the inspirational Trust’s CCU professionals and the teams who interface with them.  We’re sure this is just the beginning of a great piece of disruptive innovation for the health sector and if you would like to find out more you can visit

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