Simplifying access to Blippit with RM Unify

Familiar with the whole “I forgot my username/password ” routine?

For a few months now we’ve been working with RM in order to make using Blippit even simpler.  Unify is a nifty cloud based app management tool and by using it schools are in fact making life much easier for everyone!

After logging in to Unify that’s it – all services are accessible thanks to the fabulous ‘single sign-on’ which takes care of logging in without you getting stressed out about it.

For a more complete view of  what Unify is all about just visit their page here.

BONUS!  Blippit knows whether you’re a teacher, student or Blippit system admin so we’ve now been able to let you switch hats with just one click and no extra logging in or decoding CAPTCHAs.  That has to be good right?

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