School App Maker Admin Update

The new app maker currently in closed BETA testing is getting a, dare we suggest it, beautiful overhaul of how user admin is handled.  Having played tonight with the new interface and features first-hand I can say that it makes admin almost a pleasure.

A sneaky peak of a tiny bit of the new School App Maker Admin


We’ll be unleashing the new app maker for general release really soon so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in seeing the new incarnation.

In the meantime don’t forget our new free publication for primary year 6 computing in support of app making.

New Units of Work for App Making at Year 6

App Maker Plans for Year 6

Coming out this month is a ready-to-go curriculum planning resource designed to save you time  dealing with the demands of the new Computing Curriculum particularly at Year 6.

What’s in them?

10 units of work mapped to the Computing and wider curriculum programmes of study plus. We fully expect and encourage people to tweak these units up and down to suit different year groups.

Each unit

  • assumes one lesson a week over a 6-7 week period
  • provides ‘must’ ‘could’ ‘should’ outcomes
  • gives a step-by-step walk through of exactly what to do
How do you get them?

We’re still working that bit out but all being well there’ll be a few different formats to suit however you like to digest this sort of resource.

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New Features!

Hello again & thanks everyone for their fantastic feedback – without it we’d be like a shopping trolley with a wonky wheel.

This week we’ve just added a small but important detail that had to be held back at launch or it would have delayed going live.

New Feature Update

Our tiny widget property icons now have nice & helpful ‘roll-over’ tips.

New Roll Over Tips

New Feature Sneeky Peek! 

Great news for all those people who asked from this early on after launch in October Blippit goes customised with App launch icons and splash screens.  It may change a bit by the time it goes live but hopefully not much.  Typically we’re aiming to enable absolutely everyone to be able to do it leaving the skills focus firmly upon getting the best icon and splash screen made.

Sneeky Peek - Icon