Security Update

It’s one of those initially worrying ‘critical security’ moments again but thankfully it is likely to only affect the minority of people using outdated browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 🙂  Here’s a bit more detail if this might be you.

All modern browsers support up to date algorithms without this flaw so users of these modern browsers will be unaffected by this change.  However users of outdated and insecure browsers, such as IE6, may find they are no longer able to access Blippit’s App Maker. We always recommend all users install modern, standards compliant browsers for a safer and richer experience. Please visit to see the most up to date free browsers.

Blippit App Maker Help Videos


[thumbnail src=””] A lot of people, particularly from secondary schools, have the age old challenge of crazy schedules with one class out and another one straight in.  It’s a bit like Paddington Station.

Because of this and the other demands every teacher faces it’s no surprise that not everyone has chance to practice/play with a tool like Blippit’s App Maker much before they actually come face to face with the children using it.  Indeed we know for a fact that sometimes the children are the first main power users of the app maker in school.

So. That’s the reality.  What then can we do to ease this a bit?  Well videos seem to be one solution to support the class so that they can more independently get to grips with being creative while having their questions answered through video.

We’ve now just released a bunch of newly updated help videos and more are to come.  They feature

  • an intro for app maker newbies
  • widget specific help videos

Just log in and click the ORANGE ‘?’ button in the top right corner to get to the Knowledge Base at any time

10% off. You know it computes!

You know it computes!

10% off. You know it computes!

As summer time comes to a close we want to embrace the run up to Autumn with this Special Offer CODE 2222 worth 10% off!

Existing or new school… it doesn’t matter.

Between 22nd Sept + 22nd Oct 2014, whether you renew early & top up your existing Blippit account or subscribe for the first time, just add Code 2222 to get 10% off your app maker subscription.

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…Before time runs out 🙂

Primary & Secondary App Maker Plans by Schools (Updated: 02/19)

Blippit Plans
Blippit App Maker Plans

Introducing both app making & Blippit & markup language

St Catherine’s CE Primary

These app maker plans were written by Mr Rigby in Year 6

The Fernwood School – Year 9

These app making plans were originally written and shared by Alex Young.
Year 9 six week study unit 

  • More  templated app resources are available for download at Blippit Academy.

We invite you to comment below or ping @justblippit on Twitter with a link to more resources.  Thanks!

What Blippit App Maker users are using!

It’s summer time as this post goes live and we’ve been looking into our data a little bit.  We wanted to know which of the app maker’s widgets were getting the most use and thought you might be interested too.

So as it’s summer, just for now anyway, you’re invited to download our one page PDF via the thumbnail below.  It’s as easy to digest as a family pack of Maltesers and hopefully interesting as well!

[thumbnail link=”” src=””]

Blippit Mobile + Blippit Social

To make life a bit simpler we’ve now brought our mobile and social media work together under one brand name; Blippit!

SocialSchoolMedia is being retired as a name only; the service and app will continue to grow and improve. will also retire as a website but will continue to be the company behind the development and growth of Blippit.

We want children, young people and schools to enjoy working in innovative ways achieving real outcomes and while having a fantastic time along the way leaving no one behind!




Blippit Go! Apple & Android Apps Live


Blippit GO has been retired now and replaced with Blippit Torus which available on the Apple and Android App Stores.

Who is Blippit Go! for?

This app is for any Blippit App Maker Administrator and their Team.  You’ll need a Blippit Admin account to log in and use it.  It’s a new member of the Blippit Mobile family.

What can you do with it?

You can now approve, decline & preview apps much more easily when you’re on-the-go in class or out and about.

New! Blippit Mobile

As the Blippit family grows we’re bringing in a new look and feel to reflect how Blippit is changing!  Planet Blippit has a new look & Blippit Go! carries the new branding.

Make your phone number tap-able!

Phone number interactivity on your app’s contact page is easy to set up and here’s how.


Having an app means users of it will want to interact.  Here’s how you can make your school phone number part of that interactiveness.

It’s pretty simple to do – just replace our sequence of number with your phone number and add the code in into the Writer widget of your choice.

and you’ll get this  123456789

Note the ‘tel://’ schema instead of the normal ‘http://’ schema. This is the important bit.  You can do this in the HTML editor if you want ( don’t have to go to code view). Just change the ‘http://’ in the link making tool to ‘tel://’


Get Your School Facebook Page into Blippit

As well as Blippit, Get Logged In offers Blippit Social which is all about enabling schools to have a a special and much safer presence on Facebook to engage with parents. After two conversations today with two schools here’s a nice way for schools who use Facebook to create a parent app on Blippit that gives parents the chance to monitor Facebook updates while using the app.

Here’s how to get your school Facebook page feed into your Blippit app


blippitsocialicononly400x400First you need to know your Facebook page id (not its friendly alias) so here’s how to get it replacing ‘getloggedin’ in every case with your own page name

  1. Get Logged In’s Facebook page URL is
  2. Go to in your browser
  3. In your browser & copy your page id from the code (highlighted)
  4. Replace the italicised page id in this URL with yours
  5. Put the whole URL into a Blippit RSS widget, Save and preview.