New Blippit widget goes live today


From today if you’re a school using your students can now publish their stories, in part or in entirety, as discrete apps using Blippit!

We’ve designed this to be super easy as you’d expect and the end result is that

  • video
  • audio
  • slideshows & text can now be added in seamlessly amongst the other Blippit widgets.

Not a user?
You can register for free if you like with and get 30 mins of recording time free.

  • This  widget is our very first optional upgrade pack
    • Equivalent cost of £3 month Primary   £6 month Secondary  (unlimited p.a.)
  • We’re giving the widget to everyone free for three weeks from 1/9/13 so you can see what it does for yourselves.

Getting your Blippit apps out there [video]

Now Planet Blippit is live people have been finding it a lot easier to direct others to their apps!
  • You’ve made your app using Blippit, a teacher/Blippit Administrator in school has approved it & published it so how do you get your app to market?
  • In this video you can see how an iPhone deals with getting your app on board!
  • It works similarly on Android, Windows and Blackberry devices

Make your phone number tap-able!

Phone number interactivity on your app’s contact page is easy to set up and here’s how.


Having an app means users of it will want to interact.  Here’s how you can make your school phone number part of that interactiveness.

It’s pretty simple to do – just replace our sequence of number with your phone number and add the code in into the Writer widget of your choice.

and you’ll get this  123456789

Note the ‘tel://’ schema instead of the normal ‘http://’ schema. This is the important bit.  You can do this in the HTML editor if you want ( don’t have to go to code view). Just change the ‘http://’ in the link making tool to ‘tel://’


Diversity = EAL + SEN + MFL + Blippit

Diversity & inclusion was last week’s theme.  Will hopefully be able to share more about it in some more detail pretty soon but last week saw a group of high school students with EAL giving Blippit a good workout.  The activity they undertook in an afternoon resulted in a justifiably proud Head teacher, class teacher and of course critically  proud students. Perhaps, for me anyway, significant was the way in which the school chose to share it’s achievements and who it shared them with ie. on Facebook with parents and students.


The second highlight was the subscribing to Blippit of a leading high school for students with special educational needs.  Absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to hopefully (fingers crossed) get in there to see how Blippit will be exploited in the students’ learning there. Hopefully much more to come on that one soon.

You’ve recently asked for:

  • html tutorials -handy  stuff to make exciting things happen
  • new ways to present navigation including images, different colours
  • refinements to the way Admin accounts display certain areas of information about the apps

We’re working to deliver these and would like to thank you again for just taking the time and having a go!!  Your effort and feedback are phenomenal and it helps massively to improve Blippit week after week.

And finally…

A year 7 student recently began work on a German app after finding she was enjoying the subject a lot.

Me: “Ah, so it’s a revision app?”

Student: “No, it’s a learning app!”

Nuff said.

(Note: The Google Translate feature is not 100% working reliably and it may I am told be removed but for now it’s a cunning bit of integration and simple coding.

New Features!

Hello again & thanks everyone for their fantastic feedback – without it we’d be like a shopping trolley with a wonky wheel.

This week we’ve just added a small but important detail that had to be held back at launch or it would have delayed going live.

New Feature Update

Our tiny widget property icons now have nice & helpful ‘roll-over’ tips.

New Roll Over Tips

New Feature Sneeky Peek! 

Great news for all those people who asked from this early on after launch in October Blippit goes customised with App launch icons and splash screens.  It may change a bit by the time it goes live but hopefully not much.  Typically we’re aiming to enable absolutely everyone to be able to do it leaving the skills focus firmly upon getting the best icon and splash screen made.

Sneeky Peek - Icon

Blippit Launch!

It’s about time this blog got started but launching Blippit has been a bit of a handful and helping users has taken priority.  From now on the blog will be where you’ll get

  1. resources
  2. ideas
  3. future stuff
  4. a channel back to Blippit as well as the website & twitter

Here’s something you maybe didn’t know:

If you need another Admin for your school to help with the role just contact (_at_ with @) with the details of that person and we’ll sort it out for you 🙂

More soon!