Class Teacher talks about Eco-Schools & Blippit Boards

Mr Hack is a Teacher from Lammack Primary School in Blackburn where they started using Blippit Boards as an experiment in summer term two this year.  The idea was to see if they could work smarter to innovate monitoring and support their Eco-Schools Green Flag evidence gathering, monitoring and reporting effort.

Lammack Primary always want to find new ways to work smarter resulting in things such as

  • better use of time for the Eco Lead
  • removing multiple clunkier methods of getting photos to the Eco Lead (airdropping/Google Drive image saving etc)
  • less ‘chasing’ busy colleagues
  • greater confidence in evidence coherence for the Eco-Schools Green Flag award submission
  • getting the wider context of the learning

Eco-Schools Teacher Chat 2022

Blippit Boards is designed to support the whole curriculum but in this case, the school wanted to look initially at Eco-Schools and next year go wider as they could see the benefits.

As with a lot of evidence gathering and monitoring activity, it’s not always an easy process as you’ll hear Mr Hack describing airdropping photos, chasing up colleagues via email, and managing a Google drive of images.

Working with Teachers is important for us to ensure we don’t in fact add to the workload.  Monitoring and submitting evidence is a big job at the best of times but as you’ll hear in the Zoom call, Mr Hack talks about how much easier to coordinate and lead this is with the use of the simple Eco-Schools tag category in Blippit Boards.

As an Eco Subject Leader, Mr Hack points out that it’s very reassuring to get iPad notifications of work evidence being captured and shared in real-time in Blippit Boards. He literally managed to re-prioritise time to his class, re-direct energy and be less stressed about how the evidence was coming together.

We’re happy to be able to share with you three 1-2 minute videos in the playlist taken from a Zoom call with Mr Hack in July 2022.  You can also listen on and here’s what he focuses on

  1. being part of their ‘working smarter’ review
  2. seriously looking forward to next year
  3. a big positive for subject leader appraisal

We’ve added a quick tour and reports-focused video to the playlist as well so you can if you want to see what Mr Hack is going to be making much more use of next year as part of his appraisal and impact evidence.

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