Google knows what’s on people’s minds

There are ways to know better what’s on people’s minds and Google Trends is just one of them.

We searched on the keyword ‘school’ using Google Trends

At about midday on 25th August here’s what the searches on Google for the UK were showing as ‘rising’. When people searched for ‘school’ they also searched for these related topics. In the case of ‘free school meal vouchers’, the searches went up by 4000%.


Just before midday on the same day these related queries strongly indicate what else people are wrestling with, particularly the cost aspect if you accept that Lidl may offer the cheapest options, which is how to afford the return to school.

Want the latest trends?

For the very latest trends on Google related to just the keyword ‘school’ you can just check out the live data below which we’ve embedded into the page here on the blog.  If you want to see other keywords of course you can use Google Trends first-hand too.


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