Get a fresh start with your displays and notice boards back in school

In Bayeux Tapestry-esque style, for years display boards in schools have been helping to tell the story of what learning is going on around the place.  The work that goes into them is often massive.  Since I was a teacher, where I buried a Bambi stapler flush into the side of my hand while using it open jawed to fix a display, I got to visit hundreds of schools and appreciate the task fully.  Not all displays are great obviously and the saddest are those ‘in transition’, hanging about like human bar-fly boards except the velcro is in fact crooked staple and ancient Egyptian cellotape.

science wall from Blippit

Why can’t an empty display board look this good?  Why can’t we easily re-arrange then quickly with magnets and even annotate on them to make displays more interactive?  Typically displays go up often with Duracell staying power and Mona Lisa protection from prying fingers not to be touched ’til the end of term or longer. Working walls are different of course; dynamic and fast changing but prone to looking battle worn and in some cases too inflexible to keep up.

To help schools get more miles, less work, more flexibility and greater interaction out of working walls,  news and subject boards, we have created a range of Blippit Boards that are second to none for durability (use them in or outdoors it doesn’t matter) style, practicality (super hygienic) and all round vibrance!

easy to clear
5 year premium drywipe magnetic or 2 yr standard drywipe magnetic finish

Blippit Boards are personalised to your school (get your school name on there) and you also get to choose

  • a colour that matches your uniforms/key colours
  • a design from our range of popular themes
  • framed or unframed options
  • size & orientation

We know you might not want a 5 year finish so our standard very high quality 2 year finish is also available at checkout when you apply the code shown on the home page.

Also coming this summer is the Blippit Boards app. More about that soon.


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