Pros and cons for systems of learning in lockdown

An edited version of this is also available as a podcast on Spotify

Linked to recent funds for school implementations of the big two, Google and Microsoft, the broad pros and cons of approaches are reviewed here by John Bidder (@Getloggedin) including: MS Teams, Google Sites & Classroom, Moodle (& Darwinism!), Facebook and school websites at primary and secondary level.

John talks about different effects of choices schools are making regarding how they bridge the gaps of different kinds between home and school during lockdown including the role & stresses faced by parents.  What’s important to note is that for many, it’s about creating an ecosystem and not depending on one specific provider or approach.

Not included are content provider sites, as excellent as many are simply to keep video under 30 mins.

This talk doesn’t pretend to be comprehensive in content and choices being made but it does recognise that viewers are likely to be experienced educators and may be interested in the recent government funding application opportunity described here to support Microsoft & Google roll-outs.

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