Blippit Torus New App Launch – explore, scan & share!

Blippit Torus is our new QR Code Reader app built exclusively for Blippit IO App Maker users.

With schools moving over to the new Blippit IO we’ve now released Blippit Torus as an all new and totally free companion app that’ll make exploring apps, scanning QR codes & sharing apps a whole lot easier.

  • Log in as an Admin with your Blippit IO details to get your school view of all student apps which is ideal for seeing at-a-glance who has made what for evaluation/assessment purposes.
  • Logging in as a Student with your Blippit IO login gives you all your published apps in one place as well as fellow students.
Available for Android on Google Play & iPhone/iPad on the iOS App Store
Blippit Torus for AndroidiOS Torus



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