Security Update

It’s one of those initially worrying ‘critical security’ moments again but thankfully it is likely to only affect the minority of people using outdated browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 🙂  Here’s a bit more detail if this might be you.

Security Nuts
Security Nuts!

Due to a critical flaw in older internet browsers and how they communicate with secure websites, discovered by security researchers at Google, we will be withdrawing support for this old method of communication from our servers on Friday 17th October pm (GMT).


All modern browsers support up to date algorithms without this flaw so users of these modern browsers will be unaffected by this change.  However users of outdated and insecure browsers, such as IE6, may find they are no longer able to access Blippit’s App Maker. We always recommend all users install modern, standards compliant browsers for a safer and richer experience. Please visit to see the most up to date free browsers.