Blippit Go! Apple & Android Apps Live


Blippit GO has been retired now and replaced with Blippit Torus which available on the Apple and Android App Stores.


Who is Blippit Go! for?

This app is for any Blippit App Maker Administrator and their Team.  You’ll need a Blippit Admin account to log in and use it.  It’s a new member of the Blippit Mobile family.

What can you do with it?

You can now approve, decline & preview apps much more easily when you’re on-the-go in class or out and about.

New! Blippit Mobile

As the Blippit family grows we’re bringing in a new look and feel to reflect how Blippit is changing!  Planet Blippit has a new look & Blippit Go! carries the new branding.
Download Blippit Go! Download Blippit Go!

Year 2 Blippit Feature & Price Review

It’s been an exciting second year for Blippit as we head toward the summer hols.

We’ve been listening to you and here’s what’s been happening this year as a result – all FREE upgrades to ALL users.

For Blippit Users

This year we released new media widgets including an easy

  • YouTube video widget
  • Vimeo integration widget included
  • SoundCloud audio/music recording widget

We enhanced and refreshed our Writer Widget with

  • new easy ways to format your text
  • full screen editing

We enhanced the Image Widget by

  • adding the ability to link off from an image

For Blippit Admins

We made it easier for you to keep a check on what students were doing

  • the ability to see where student apps were up to before submission was added
  • bulk approval or declining of apps feature was added to speed processes up
  • submitted apps now display student name and app title in the drop down menu

New App launched!

Blippit Go! A brand new companion app for Blippit.

  • Blippit Go! is a mobile app for busy Blippit Admins that works in real time with Blippit to make previewing, approving and declining apps a fully mobile experience with real time messaging when apps are submitted, approved or declined
  • This is available on the Google Play app store for Android users (kitkat) and the Apple App Store too for iPhone & iPad


We felt Blippit needed re-branding to give children and adults the kind of experience we felt they were looking for.   So, we have started work on Blippit’s look and feel starting with Planet Blippit.  MUCH more radical work on Blippit itself is scheduled for later this year.  More about that soon! 🙂

New prices effective 4th July 2014

Our plans for Blippit (we think!) will transform Blippit into a show stopping tool and service for all schools and as part of helping to do this we have to review prices,

Without exception existing and new subscribers are constantly telling us Blippit is too cheap; we know! It was always our intention to make it super-easy for all schools to engage with Blippit at the start although we couldn’t do ‘free’ as we don’t carry ‘ads’ or have Dragons to hand!

The next steps in Blippit development and growth are so ambitious now though that we have to increase prices to a more realistic level having kept them so low for so long.  We know might lose some schools as a result and that makes us sad but overall we think most schools are with us for the long haul and that they’ll feel Blippit is still very much worth it.

  • Primary was £50  |   Now £99 for 12 months
  • Secondary was £179   |   Now £199 for 12 months
  • FE/HE 2000+ was £265  |  Now £299 for 12 months
  • City Learning Centre Training Licence was £179   |   Now £199
  • Hospital Schools – was £49  | Now £59

Thanks everyone for your continued support and believe in what we’re doing with Blippit – your ideas and input are so welcome.