2013 Price Changes Effective Sept 2013

It’s been an exciting first year for Blippit and we’ve still about 2 months to go before Blippit is one year old.
What we’ve learned I couldn’t even begin to write down here – it’d take forever!

Some key things we believe though

  • support is king – good support isn’t cheap but bad support is very expensive so we’ve kept it to a high level hope people have felt it
  • collaboration is critical – to help you all share your successful projects and ideas while giving students a showcase we launched Planet Blippit as your very own app store; the first of it’s kind and we hope it’s been useful
  • innovation is essential – we’ve listened to your feedback and have made Blippit even more school friendly especially from an Admin point of view – and we’ve more coming this year but from a user perspective too
  • partners are positively disruptive – to enable @4000 schools currently using Makewav.es to bring their content effortlessly into Blippit we’ve developed a ground breaking integration to make that happen through a brand new widget.  We also hope that schools who use Blippit but don’t yet use Makewav.es will explore Makewav.es as a powerful and safe platform for developing students as publishers and reviewers of podcasts, video broadcasts and much more
  • training does work – we’ve seen focused short training have a big impact on how the curriculum can be enriched and students engaged so we’re doing more of it because ‘it works’ as well as supporting our Blippit Education Partners
  • hardware is boring but pretty important – we’ve grown more quickly than anticipated and the hardware to deliver consistently good service is critical so we’ve this summer done some major scheduled upgrades to ramp this up which we hope you’ll notice

We’re planning the sustainable improvement of Blippit technically and organisationally to make sure schools continue get the best possible experience and this means that we have to review prices from time to time to help us do this.

New Prices effective September 1st 2013

Don’t worry – it’s hopefully insignificant for schools!  The good news for existing Blippit subscribers is that there’s no increase up all the way until next renewal and where trials were set up and upgraded within the normal timeframe we’ve kept the starting price the same.

  • Primary was £49  |   Now £59 for 12 months & £108 for 2 yrs
  • Secondary was £149   |   Now £179 for 12 months & £368 for 2 yrs.
  • FE/HE 2000+ was £220  |  Now £265 for 12 months &  £510 for 2 years
  • City Learning Centre Training Licence was £49   |   Now £179 for 12 months & £368 for 2 years
  • Hospital Schools – no change – remaining £49 for 12 months & £90 for 2 years

New Widget Pack Optional Upgrades

The first optional upgrade (FREE just now for people to try out) to arrive is the Blippit Makewav.es widget (video post).

  • £3 per month unlimited apps & students (£36)
  • £6 per month unlimited apps & students (£72)

Thanks everyone for your continued support and believe in what we’re doing with Blippit – your ideas and input are so welcome.

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