What do schools share on Facebook with parents?

summertimehighlightsSharing between schools using Facebook and their parent community is changing for the better.

Just some of the things shared by schools with parents this year via their school Facebook pages include

• Enjoying the great outdoors at Kepplewray were South Failsworth Primary
• Presenting Beauty & the Beast at Ladybridge
• Experiencing ‘that London’ at Barrowford School and Bamford Academy
• Being in wonderment at Alien Landings at Whittle-le-Woods
• Sensing history in the City of Liverpool Museum at Ghyllside Primary
• Installing the new chicken house at Basnett Street Nursery
• Digging the scene on the St Ann’s Allotments at Porchester Junior School
• Sharing the miracle of new life by hatching chicks at Fellgate Primary
• Understanding globalism by Skyping outstanding lessons with Newton Elementary USA at St Leonards Primary School

What does this mean? Well, for me, simply that these schools are much more closely aligned with how the majority of their parent community keep up to speed with life in general and that has to be a good thing.

In September 6 more schools will be stepping with us into the social space looking to reap the benefits and learn the lessons based on what we’ve learned so far.  I shouldn’t say “Can’t wait!” because summer time needs to be enjoyed first but  what the heck – I really can’t wait to see what new things we’ll learn!


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