Open Badges – they're good :)

Have you heard of Open Badges yet?

Well if not, I came across this presentation from Doug Belshaw (given 25th June 2013) which sheds light on what many people including me see as a very worthy movement and undertaking lead by Mozilla to free up how achievements in learning are recognised and celebrated. It’s a big deal in the USA as you’ll see for yourself on the The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Blog and it’s growing in the UK too.

Why share this on Blippit? Well my hope is that Blippit will be adding to this opportunity ecology later in the year all being well 🙂 and hopefully with a bit of help from our friends at I really want to ask some schools for thoughts on this but any comments now would be appreciated if you have them.

The slides are probably most useful to a remote viewer from number 25 on.

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