SSAT Speed Learning

We know some great people who work with schools and share their knowledge about with great passion and belief. Lesley Simm has recently been speaking at an SSAT speed learning event focusing upon using Blippit to make apps. Because she only had 3 minutes Lesley pulled together a bunch or resources for people to look at later here on her website.

She also created a ‘real time’ video of making an app about bluebells from beginning to end. (Total time @12 mins). As a Blippit Education Partner, Lesley is a safe pair of hands in the north west for anyone wanting CPD in this area.

The Australian Curriculum & Blippit IO

(UPDATE: Since this article Blippit IO was launched in 2015)

We’ve just released a downloadable introduction to Blippit IO as part of the Australian Curriculum to help teachers get a feel for where Blippit fits in with teaching and learning.

This article from St Andrew’s Lutheran College (JS) in Queensland is a post by Julia Boulton who’s role there takes in e-learning and innovation more broadly.  Here’s Julia’s post which includes her initial views on the original Blippit App Maker.

We really like the Australian approach to ICT in the curriculum.  The way that ICT is woven through in the online documentation as one of seven general capabilities running throughout subjects seems to work well.  It’s much inspired by FutureLab’s Digital Literacy Across the Curriculum.

Blippit & to offer more choice to young publishers

mediaIt’s been our aim to broaden the spectrum of Blippit’s apps – particularly by giving more choice and flexibility of what can be brought in.  We’ve been exploring lots of ways to do this and one that you may have already read about has brought about a very interesting relationship with is a unique & safe network of over 3000 schools publishing stories/news in video, audio & image form across their own special social network.

We’ve been collaborating on a new and exciting development that will enable Blippit users to bring into their apps to what we hope will be great effect!

It’s a very exciting and unique development that will see young people being able to enrich their curriculum app projects with rich media amongst other creative things! I”m sure it will be only the start of something bigger and better while keeping firm hold of our shared value and belief in inclusivity.

We’ll be releasing more detail but for now we’re just eagerly anticipating what will we hope be a productive meeting of two innovative publishing platforms.

We’re also aiming to run an event in the north west at the back end of June 2013 to share more with schools.  Please register your interest in attending such an event below.

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Free Student Guide Download

kathy fergusonYesterday Sir Alex Ferguson’s wife Kathy got a special mention in his official retirement statement for “providing a bedrock of both stability and encouragement” over the years. I suspect noone had ever thought of Sir Alex’s support mechanisms much beyond the fans and colleagues but it made me think anew about the fact that everyone needs support and encouragement and this post is about that.

It’s a pleasure for us to be able to give support when we go into classrooms to meet incredible teachers, children and Heads. When teachers introduce app making into the whole curriculum they have to advocate and champion their vision in school on their own often so when we can have chats, share tips & ideas when we visit it always ‘feels’ good. Equally, it’s a pleasure to get encouragement and support back into Blippit and this happens in different ways.

Free Guide for Students Shared

This week Jen Turner (MfL specialist featured previously here) created a really super guide to Blippit for MfL students  via DropBox.  It is crammed with accessible tips, advice and wisdoms but it’s nice and short too! Download it from Dropbox here. A big thanks to Jen @msmfl for sharing her work.


Over the last couple of weeks noticeably year 6 teachers have been telling us that Blippit offers them an opportunity to do something completely different with their classes after SATS. Andy Rigby at St Catherine’s Primary for example expects to see his children seizing the opportunity to get into app making later this month.









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New Blippit API

tech update blippitTech Update:

We’ve just built v1.0 of the API for Blippit which most regular people need not worry about or be interested in but I know there are some more technically minded people who might want to know.

We’ll be using the API ‘in-house’ to drive new, exciting and fundamentally useful extensions of Blippit which will come out this year starting in June.  More will be shared nearer the time but if you want to ask about it feel free.