Want to stretch Blippit with some code?

blippit snippitRight now a lot of people outside of the typical ICT circles are using Blippit to enable children to make apps in other parts of the curriculum like MfL, English and geography.

Some people want to be able to code as well though so here’s a very quick screenshot of how to access this area of Blippit.

*Mobile users can tap here to go to the Blippit Ideas app to hear the recording via the Adding Sound button.


App making session with 60 or so Year 7's

Today was one of those days which was full of surprises, not least of which was working with @ 60 or so delightful Year 7 students at Thornleigh Salesian College in Bolton – a double session flew by and the attitude of the students to Blippit, a tool they’d never clapped eyes on before,  was fantastic. Totally un-phased.

It’s always good to get in there yourself so this was a big treat for me. Could we get a whole bunch of  year 7’s set up with Blippit accounts, from scratch, after a quick walk through of the basic drag drop principle?  Well yes and after setting up a unique URL for self registration by students and Mr Santarcangelo dropping the URL shortcut in the shared drive they were off and making apps.

Essentially the students were taking some designs of apps they’d mocked up in Balsamic and making them come to life in Blippit.  While they were at it they also created their own customised icons uploading them into Blippit and various other things including adding a quick slideshow of exported images from Powerpoint.

appI’m glad to say that in one double lesson they’d made a nice big dint in their projects and they had live apps on phones – Blackberry’s, iPhones, Androids and iPod, Touches – I think there were even Nexus 7 tablets but I didn’t get chance to look at these closely – next time.

Two last things on independence and ownership as opposed to dependence and devolving ownership or the value of journey vs destination

  1. Individual QR codes for app publishing are cool and enabling – not news but today reaffirmed it 🙂
  2. “Hey, she’s got my app on her phone!”  The look on the app author’s face was pure magic. It was her app from beginning to end and now it was ‘live’!

Audience, purpose, process and so on – there’s nothing new about it but with app making and the pressure to have a commercially viable/looking product from the get-go it’s easy to see how they may get lost in the learning process.





LP_eventMfL specialists will no doubt have already been tuned in to this content rich event that went out today from Liverpool featuring some top drawer speakers & international attendees.

The biggest thrill (for us!) was hearing Blippit mentioned as a great way in for MfL teachers wanting to get children making apps – without having to

  • go on a course to become a Jedi code master
  • shift the focus from MfL

If you’ve got some time tune in below to Joe Dale who spoke (in fluent English) at the conference sharing a huge quantity of possible starting points for the gathered folks.  Enjoy & get ready with that pause button while you jot down some of these ideas.

Watch live streaming video from ltsig at livestream.com