Student Voice Videos in MfL from Ormiston Sudbury Academy

It’s very very difficult to beat authentic student voice and to be honest it’s even more difficult to describe the ‘W’ Factor that can come with it AKA the ‘wince’ factor.  Students don’t ‘dress it up’ or typically use political speak so try to imagine if you will how I watched these videos through one eye!

FrenchThe context is that they were taken by MfL expert/teacher Jen Turner @msmfl from Ormiston Sudbury Academy last week during an MfL lesson – not an ICT lesson.  Jen originally used the videos in her demo app shared at the Language World conference in Nottingham in a workshop p’unnily entitled “Making it Appen – making a language app with your students.” (See full session lists here – it’s impressive)

So, you can watch these with two eyes and two ears wide open I hope – they’re talking about us not you 😉

SB-apps from Jen Turner on Vimeo.

JH-apps from Jen Turner on Vimeo.

JH-demo-apps from Jen Turner on Vimeo.

TL-demo from Jen Turner on Vimeo.

CR-apps from Jen Turner on Vimeo.

Yr 9 App Project Success Photos & Sound Bites at The Fernwood High School

[UPDATE SEPT 2014: The Scheme resources have been updated]

Occasionally late on a Friday it’s easy to feel a bit tired late in the afternoon but today these photos arrived in my inbox from The Fernwood High School’s Alex Young (Head of Computer Systems and ICT) and they were like a can of Red Bull.

Last year Alex shared his scheme of work with everyone and now here are some soundbites plus photos on the other end of that scheme.

“Just thought I’d share with you some stuff we’ve being doing here at the Fernwood School. After our successful App project, I’ve designed an App Wall in my classroom.

It’s based on the App store where the Top Apps in the school are made available to download for all students. Because students are not allowed their phones in school I made wallets on the wall for them to take a QR code home.

The students have loved it and it’s inspiring the year 7 & 8’s for next year and making the year 10’s and 11’s very envious they weren’t doing it.”

Fernwood display 3 Fernwood Display 2 Fernwood_display

Alex is also Lead Teacher for Computer Science in Nottinghamshire for CAS.

Grab your iPads!

tiny ipadIf you want to see an iPad app idea that could be easily transposed over a whole bunch of other contexts, here’s a video to show just how easy it is to have teachers/children recording observations and notes in this case of seedling growth. I hope you’ll agree it’s a nice change to be creating apps on an iPad instead of just consuming them.

Blippit works very nicely from the iPad.  The main difference here is that the iPad can’t give you the formatting buttons you might be used to when wordprocessing but that’s no problem as you’ll see below.

Seedlings observations recorded as an app below. More Primary Curriculum Ideas

Primary curriculum ideas

Today was day two of two half days run by Lesley Simm ( @smithillsict ) focusing on an introduction to app making for primary schools using Blippit. Children from year 3 up have been working on their ideas and publishing some lovely apps to the waiting mobile world! Here’s an Easter app done by a teacher using Blippit for the first time.

This was the first course on and by anyone’s standard it was a success based on feedback. As well as expert support from Lesley, delegates also got a years subscription as part of the course. We used to call it a ‘take away what you use’ course as it gets around the barrier of not having the kit do put the training into action back in school.

For us & Blippit it’s really powerful to get feedback from groups like how they introduced  the concepts into school with the children.  Of course there’s the wish-list angle and the suggestions have been heard and added 🙂

Here are just some of the possible uses/contexts/ideas where children can harness Blippit and app making as suggested by the teachers on Lesley’s course and Lesley herself. See an iPad in action with Blippit here to build an app to record observations in photographs.

Subject Idea
ICT Web quest
End of Year Leavers book
SATs Sats revision
ICT Branching database
Literacy Character builder
Science Identikit for mini beasts
Maths Guide to Mathematical Shapes
Literacy Thesaurus or dictionary
General / Literacy / ICT School magazine
History / Geography Dinosaur /Fossil Detective Kit with clues and links to help children identify objects
RE Festival app
History / Geography Guidebook to a famous person or place app
MFL Phrase book app
Literacy Nursery rhyme app
Community App to support a school event as a follow up or newsletter app
Competitions Competition app
Science The human body app
RE / Music Hymn app
RE / Literacy Prayer app
Topic / Creative Contexts A project app with links and ideas to help learning at home
Science Space and planets app, Seedlings Growth Record app
ICT / Science Flower Identification app
Sport Orienteering app of the school playing fields

Here’s a primary Easter app that came out of the recent course

And here’s the custom app icon they made


New! Pop-up Blippit app message

appstarThis week we’re going to be adding a bunch of new features for Blippit Admin account holders in response to feedback for additional goodies. 

You will by next weekend be able to

  • create users via CSV upload with a school issued password
  • manage passwords via a Pass Key system to conquer the ‘forgotten password’ scenario
  • report willy-nilly on who’s in a registration group plus apps pending/live!

appstarThis weekend we also made live a nice little added feature for iPhone/Touch/Pad devices that will help your app audience get your Blippit apps on their ‘i’ devices quick sharp.  As of now, any app made on Blippit will get the bubble treatment below using whatever icon you upload.

Here’s a couple of examples: ENJOY!