Make your phone number tap-able!

Phone number interactivity on your app’s contact page is easy to set up and here’s how.


Having an app means users of it will want to interact.  Here’s how you can make your school phone number part of that interactiveness.

It’s pretty simple to do – just replace our sequence of number with your phone number and add the code in into the Writer widget of your choice. NB we’ve shown the code as an image so you can see it here on the page.

and you’ll get this  123456789

Note the ‘tel://’ schema instead of the normal ‘http://’ schema. This is the important bit.  You can do this in the HTML editor if you want ( don’t have to go to code view). Just change the ‘http://’ in the link making tool to ‘tel://’



Tip for sharing your Blippit apps

Just a quickie as we head towards the BETT Show (more on that shortly but in short we’re on Acer UK’s E100 running the Social Media Village including Blippit).

App Icons - BlippitThe app icon and splash screen upgrade from the other week has really made an impact for us in how apps can express themselves as individuals.

A couple of schools have launched their apps via their Facebook page which is a good combo.  A QR code worked well as did a direct link to the app for people to click/tap on.

The Facebook mobile app almost always opens links you share within the Facebook app so just be aware of this when  sharing your app link.  Parents need to choose to ‘open in Safari’ or whatever browser they have on their device.  Once they’ve done this they’re on the usual track for adding to their home screens.

Bit of a dull post but it may just give you a ready answer when a parent says “it won’t work!” on your school Facebook page 🙂


New Customise your app icon & launch screens

Over the weekend Blippit underwent some changes in the form of free new upgraded functionality that will we hope really add to the learning experience of making an app.


Now everyone’s apps can have their own customised app icon and launch splash screens. Because the age and ability/experience of people using Blippit is so diverse we’ve created two different ways of making apps sparkle on user phones and tablets.

If you’re looking to combine and embed Blippit within graphic design curriculum module then you will want to try the advanced mode to develop your  Photoshop or other skills.  If you’re in a rush or you want to keep the focus on a simple single image design that will work across all devices then you’ll want to use the basic mode.


Click on the app icon when you’re logged in and you’ll be able to make your choice, basic or advanced. Easy.

Get Your School Facebook Page into Blippit

As well as Blippit, Get Logged In offers Blippit Social which is all about enabling schools to have a a special and much safer presence on Facebook to engage with parents. After two conversations today with two schools here’s a nice way for schools who use Facebook to create a parent app on Blippit that gives parents the chance to monitor Facebook updates while using the app.

Here’s how to get your school Facebook page feed into your Blippit app


blippitsocialicononly400x400First you need to know your Facebook page id (not its friendly alias) so here’s how to get it replacing ‘getloggedin’ in every case with your own page name

  1. Get Logged In’s Facebook page URL is
  2. Go to in your browser
  3. In your browser & copy your page id from the code (highlighted)
  4. Replace the italicised page id in this URL with yours
  5. Put the whole URL into a Blippit RSS widget, Save and preview.


New Features: More opps to learn with your app maker!

appiconTomorrow (12/1/13) we’re adding the much awaited ability for you to give your apps the personal touch that’ll make them leap off your mobile/tablet home screen and stand our from the crowd

There’s a broad spectrum of skills and ages across our user base hence so there are basic & advance options.  With so much to learn about graphics, marketing and design in just this one feature there will be plenty of food for thought for new schemes of work modules too.

Existing apps can be retro-fitted with a new app icon and launch screens in one of two ways

  1. Basic – one image will do the lot! Blippit takes your image of choice to create an app icon and customised launch screens with a launch message for your app’s users too
  2. Advanced – you’ll create an image pack of your own in Photoshop or a.n.other to have much more control over how the app looks when it launches across devices; it’s a much bigger project ideal for graphic design project work.
    • the focus is on graphics not adding curved corners or the famous Apple app icon ‘gloss’; Blippit does that for you

So, this Saturday we’ll be upgrading Blippit for everyone as a free feature upgrade.  The plan is that everything goes very smoothly while we shift the furniture about but we do suggest that if you’re planning a major piece of app development on Saturday you perhaps hang on till Sunday or better still next week just so you don’t find things moving about as you work!