Barrowford School 0-50 in 4 hrs!

Today we thought we were going to get shouted at a bit by Head Teacher Rachel Tomlinson when we Facebook chatted to her mid-staff meeting tonight. Thankfully not. The timing was great and being a teacher she says it was a great learning point as today the team there went live with their Facebook Parent & Business Community via Blippit Social.

Split up by summer this seemed to take forever to go live but now they’re flying along with 50 likes by early evening.  Year 6 teacher Amy Birkett and Rachel Tomlinson have got their foot down!

Separating personal and professional Facebook activity can be overblown as an issue and the team at Barrowford have professional branded accounts for school quite separate to their own personal lives. They’re actually better at this updating lark than we are truth be told and we can’t wait to see how the strategy behind it all comes to fruition.

Here’s their landing page behind which there’s a heap of school improvement messaging, engagement and generally exciting things for people to get to grips with. Our concern is that the school may enjoy itself too much engaging with the community and start to feel guilty for not feeling like it’s “just one more job”!

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