Blippit May 30-31st at Edu TECH AU Brisbane Stand 142


We’re so pleased and thrilled to be exhibiting at EduTech 2016 on Stand 142 this month in Brisbane, Australia.  At the last event in Sydney, Craig Wallace was non-stop answering questions, giving demos and listening to Australian educationalists for 48 hours.

At the Edu Tech event in Brisbane near our AU Offices, there’ll be more people on the stand and hopefully Craig may even get chance to grab a couple of minutes for a coffee at some point.

Craig would love to see you there if you’re in the neighbourhood and if you’ve met him before, had a free account and want to follow up with Blippit this is the ideal situation to do that.

For now though please send your positive vibes again over again to Blippit on Stand 142 – they really helped last time.

Future Schools, Sydney (Storify)


That’s the phrase that summed up day one (UPDATE: & Day 2) for Craig Wallace on the stand and he is not prone to exaggeration 😉  We were supporting and listening in thanks to the magical powers of social media and live stream and it really was a day crammed with teachers soaking up the CPD opportunities of which there were many.

We’ve done our best to Storify our tweets and those of teachers with whom we connected. This was an incredible event for us and we’re so grateful for everyone who came to see us to learn more about Blippit’s App Maker and other computing tools.

Blippit Ambassadors

We were asked by so many people who they might get involved that it we’re now actively seeking out people who might suit becoming learning champions – Blippit Ambassadors.  If that’s something you’d like to know more about just email

If you’re feeling really brave scroll right to the bottom of this post to see what happens virtually at Blippit Australia HQ.  This is not the kind of Python we like.

There’s currently a bloke down here drinking a VB tally and chucking his pet snake around. Amazing

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Could you link with an Australian School?

Blippit AustraliaIf you’ve used any of our creative tools for schools you’ll probably know that we lean towards the ‘promoting inquisitive learners’ side of the street as opposed to the ‘nannying learners’ camp.

It’s not been done consciously it’s just that in my experience, the best learning I was ever involved with, in terms of developing higher level thinking skills, was project based learning (PBL).  I was able to take a few interested Head Teachers to Hong Kong on a visit hosted by Dr Chris Tan whom I’d met when he came to speak in the UK about his Knowledge Based Community work.  All Blooms, all rigorous and genuinely challenging.

So it was interesting to me that last week when in Dudley, London and then Manchester sharing what we do with Blippit IO that in every location I had teachers who were batting for the PBL approach, higher order thinking skills and who smiled broadly when I said “Oh Blooms stuff then?”

Why the PBL pre-amble to this blog post then?

We would like to set up some connections between UK schools using Blippit IO and Australian schools also using Blippit IO.  Simply here’s the concept.

  1. Pick a topic both settings can relate to
  2. Create apps on that topic focusing on areas where answers to questions are not initially known
  3. Publish apps to Planet Blippit
  4. Evaluate each others apps to generate more questions and comparisons to arrive at new understanding
  5. Video conference via Blippit IO’s Spotlight VC tool to talk/ask each other about your work/thinking.


Please email Blippit Australia via stating who you are, your role and possible topics you’d like to focus on that Australian schools could also find of use.  e.g local environmental issues.


Blippit HQ arrives in Australia

Blippit Australia

You might have noticed that there’s now a choice of logging in to the UK or Australia when you first run Blippit IO?  It’s a tough choice, we know, but it’s there because Blippit has now got an HQ on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia as well as here in the UK.  We’re pleased to be working with Craig and his team over there and are very excited about seeing what the various school sectors get up to as they are introduced to Blippit through ICT & the wider curriculum.


With teachers being so instinctively creative and connected we believe that there are opportunities for some interesting joint projects and links between Australian and UK schools.  Some quick ideas…

  1. Blippit IO App Maker collaborative app projects (definite scope)
  2. Blippit IO Spotlight video conferencing (more challenging with the time difference but possible)
  3. PureCode Python project sharing (simple)


If you have any ideas or wish to connect up with schools via Blippit Australia as they are introduced to Blippit just drop us a line at 


The Australian Curriculum & Blippit IO

We’ve just released a downloadable introduction to Blippit IO as part of the Australian Curriculum to help teachers get a feel for where Blippit fits in with teaching and learning.

This article from St Andrew’s Lutheran College (JS) in Queensland is a post by Julia Boulton who’s role there takes in e-learning and innovation more broadly.  Here’s Julia’s post which includes her initial views on the original Blippit App Maker. (UPDATE: Since this article Blippit IO was launched in 2015)

We really like the Australian approach to ICT in the curriculum.  The way that ICT is woven through in the online documentation as one of seven general capabilities running throughout subjects seems to work well.  It’s much inspired by FutureLab’s Digital Literacy Across the Curriculum.