Book your March 2017 Workshop place & boost parental engagement via social media

Blippit Social Bolton Workshops

Book a place for this March & April 2017 at one of our face-to-face school-based afternoon workshops and amongst the latest good practice for schools,  you’ll learn what hundreds of parents had to say about what it’s like to have children at a school where social media is proactively used.

These are unique insights that we’ve turned into actions that you can take away and use in your own setting.

Bolton School Workshops

St Paul’s (Astley Bridge) CE Primary – Bolton St Catherine’s CE Primary – Horwich POSTPONED Eagley Junior School – Bolton
Eventbrite - Best Practice to Boost Your School's Parental Engagement via Social Media Eventbrite - Best Practice to Boost Your School's Parental Engagement via Social Media POSTPONED

Kearsley West Primary – Bolton
Eventbrite - Best Practice to Boost Your School's Parental Engagement via Social Media

We’ll not just be sharing this unique parental insight with you.  As part of the workshop you’ll get the latest good practice for boosting meaningful engagement and advice on Facebook’s new focus on ‘video’.

It’ll be fun (yes that’s allowed) and we’re also going to introduce you to some new apps that’ll reinvigorate your timelines too!

All School Based

Online booking is now open for 4 Bolton school venues.  More dates will follow in other areas too. These are half-day sessions that include resources and refreshments for £69 +vat  Existing schools who have our Blippit Social service already can choose the free ticket option 🙂

Visit  information on Blippit Social in general.

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Blippit May 30-31st at Edu TECH AU Brisbane Stand 142


We’re so pleased and thrilled to be exhibiting at EduTech 2016 on Stand 142 this month in Brisbane, Australia.  At the last event in Sydney, Craig Wallace was non-stop answering questions, giving demos and listening to Australian educationalists for 48 hours.

At the Edu Tech event in Brisbane near our AU Offices, there’ll be more people on the stand and hopefully Craig may even get chance to grab a couple of minutes for a coffee at some point.

Craig would love to see you there if you’re in the neighbourhood and if you’ve met him before, had a free account and want to follow up with Blippit this is the ideal situation to do that.

For now though please send your positive vibes again over again to Blippit on Stand 142 – they really helped last time.

Future Schools, Sydney (Storify)


That’s the phrase that summed up day one (UPDATE: & Day 2) for Craig Wallace on the stand and he is not prone to exaggeration 😉  We were supporting and listening in thanks to the magical powers of social media and live stream and it really was a day crammed with teachers soaking up the CPD opportunities of which there were many.

We’ve done our best to Storify our tweets and those of teachers with whom we connected. This was an incredible event for us and we’re so grateful for everyone who came to see us to learn more about Blippit’s App Maker and other computing tools.

Blippit Ambassadors

We were asked by so many people who they might get involved that it we’re now actively seeking out people who might suit becoming learning champions – Blippit Ambassadors.  If that’s something you’d like to know more about just email

If you’re feeling really brave scroll right to the bottom of this post to see what happens virtually at Blippit Australia HQ.  This is not the kind of Python we like.

There’s currently a bloke down here drinking a VB tally and chucking his pet snake around. Amazing

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Future Schools Expo 2016 Sidney Australia

Future Schools
Just the screen and projector to hook up then we’re done!
On the 3rd-4th March, we’re thrilled that Blippit will be introduced to Australian educators by Craig Wallace on stand 68!

The Future Schools Expo is probably the largest education show in the Southern Hemisphere and if you like your geography this link may help.

 Australian technology Park

Craig WallaceFrom a UK point of view, I’ve known Craig Wallace for many years and am really glad to be working with him on Blippit Australia at such an exciting time.  If you know us you’ll know we don’t do silly sales speak and always put schools first.  Craig is no exception and if you get chance to have a chat with him over the next day or so then do.

In the run up to the show, many schools have got free accounts on Blippit and they’re beginning to explore and find their way already.  Over the next few days with a bit of luck and not an inconsiderable amount of work via Craig and his teacher colleague from Sidney, we really hope to learn lots about what educators dealing with the big changes to the curriculum in Australia are looking for and hopefully we’ll develop some long lasting partnerships as a result.


By the way, Blippit Australia is offering a free year on Blippit for the best tweeted selfie carrying the hashtag #blippitselfie taken at the Future Schools Expo.  So don’t be a stranger – go see Craig and grab that selfie!

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Blippit Social on BBC Breakfast talking social media and schools

This week I went on to BBC Breakfast’s famous red couch for Blippit Social. I was lucky enough to be invited on to the programme to comment and advise on the use of social media by schools and attitudes of parents to the subject more widely.

The Inflame Game

The context for the piece was the question of whether or not a primary head teacher of a school had done the right thing by sending home a letter essentially telling them not to let their children go on Facebook, they were too young etc.

When Bill Turnbull (my mum’s favourite presenter second only to Michael Palin) asked whether the school had done the right thing I essentially said yesfor that school it was the right thing. Saying anything else would have been wrong and only inflamed the story.  Not knowing or understanding the school’s context and history only the Head himself could say, on reflection, anything else.  Every school is different and that includes it’s community; having worked with as many schools as we have over the years there’s no doubt about that. We do know now that done right, even Ofsted inspectors see huge value in our parental engagement approach.


Viewers’ comments on the  BBC Breakfast programme Facebook thread on the day show that there is no one single view when it comes down to it.  Parents do share the same essential views on safety but not necessarily the same view on what should be done and how to ensure it. Check the comments out to see what I mean.

It’s pointless to make it into a blame game

It’s a fruitless route to play the blame game in my opinion.  We’re all old and wise enough to know

  • It’s not Mark Zuckerberg’s fault
  • it’s not the parent’s fault
  • it’s not the children’s fault
  • it’s certainly not the Head Teachers’ fault

It’s just where we’re at in our evolution;  ‘learning’ how to use tools for which there are no real rules; only arbitrary age limits and everyone’s common sense.

The End Game?

What options are there then for young people, parents, teachers and companies on the best use of social media platforms linked to education?

  • raise age limits for access?
  • increase reporting tools to expedite action?
  • boycott social platforms?
  • boycott technology like phones, tablets etc?
  • enforce tough technology filters for home access?
  • enforce and introduce new legislation?
  • or support, educate and make users part of the solution?

And finally.  Of course being a very British thing to do I landed lots of stick for being spotted on the TV so if you can’t beat them, join them.

You may remember me...