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Blippit Social Bolton Workshops

Book a place for this March & April 2017 at one of our face-to-face school-based afternoon workshops and amongst the latest good practice for schools,  you’ll learn what hundreds of parents had to say about what it’s like to have children at a school where social media is proactively used.

These are unique insights that we’ve turned into actions that you can take away and use in your own setting.

Bolton School Workshops

St Paul’s (Astley Bridge) CE Primary – Bolton St Catherine’s CE Primary – Horwich POSTPONED Eagley Junior School – Bolton
Eventbrite - Best Practice to Boost Your School's Parental Engagement via Social Media Eventbrite - Best Practice to Boost Your School's Parental Engagement via Social Media POSTPONED

Kearsley West Primary – Bolton
Eventbrite - Best Practice to Boost Your School's Parental Engagement via Social Media

We’ll not just be sharing this unique parental insight with you.  As part of the workshop you’ll get the latest good practice for boosting meaningful engagement and advice on Facebook’s new focus on ‘video’.

It’ll be fun (yes that’s allowed) and we’re also going to introduce you to some new apps that’ll reinvigorate your timelines too!

All School Based

Online booking is now open for 4 Bolton school venues.  More dates will follow in other areas too. These are half-day sessions that include resources and refreshments for £69 +vat  Existing schools who have our Blippit Social service already can choose the free ticket option 🙂

Visit  information on Blippit Social in general.

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Byte at the Museum

Yesterday I took Blippit to the National Museum of Computing – immediate neighbour of Bletchley Park.  To be invited as part of their Bytes Festival and work directly with their visiting families surrounded by such history was not half-bad.

Out of school you get such an insight into how parents relate to their children and learning as a whole.  They share insights with you quite openly and comment on your limitless patience with their child who frankly drives them nuts most of the time.

There’s noone marking, setting targets or observing when it’s just you and a family which makes for some very natural and easy steps forwards.  One young man (Year 3) made an app and learned what HTML 5 markup language was as he worked with me on the side and his mum making encouraging comments as he progressed. To say he was ‘off his seat’ with excitement when he saw his app on mum’s phone (she downloaded a QR code reader to get it) is an understatement.

Another young man’s Dad regaled me with stories of his son’s disengagement at school contrasting with his persistence, resilience and immersion in his favoured world of technology.  It’s not an unusual story and we all know children like this but seeing how he learned was interesting.  Essentially it was broadly like this

  • “listen to the expert”
  • “grab the basics”
  • “build and try out”
  • “go over bits as needed with expert again”
  • “build towards a result”
  • “publish”
  • “improve on published app”
  • “re-publish”

I’ve been lucky (no doubt about that) to teach in many different schools and environments over the years sometimes as a ‘regular’ teacher, sometimes as an ‘advisory’ teacher and more recently as the ‘Blippit Man’.

blippitio manThe ‘Blippit Man’ tag does generate extra attention and effort from children no doubt at all so my reflections are mindful of how children respond to people they view as ‘experts’ from the ‘real’ world.

This bit of shine from an external expert isn’t sustainable and so it makes what teachers and children achieve together, day in day out, all the more remarkable.

The National Museum of Computing is an awe inspiring place for anyone with the slightest interest in technology and they’re pretty rammed with school visits and tours but if you’ve not been yet, do yourself a favour and go!

SSAT Speed Learning

We know some great people who work with schools and share their knowledge about with great passion and belief. Lesley Simm has recently been speaking at an SSAT speed learning event focusing upon using Blippit to make apps. Because she only had 3 minutes Lesley pulled together a bunch or resources for people to look at later here on her website.

She also created a ‘real time’ video of making an app about bluebells from beginning to end. (Total time @12 mins). As a Blippit Education Partner, Lesley is a safe pair of hands in the north west for anyone wanting CPD in this area.

Primary curriculum ideas

Today was day two of two half days run by Lesley Simm ( @smithillsict ) focusing on an introduction to app making for primary schools using Blippit. Children from year 3 up have been working on their ideas and publishing some lovely apps to the waiting mobile world! Here’s an Easter app done by a teacher using Blippit for the first time.

This was the first course on and by anyone’s standard it was a success based on feedback. As well as expert support from Lesley, delegates also got a years subscription as part of the course. We used to call it a ‘take away what you use’ course as it gets around the barrier of not having the kit do put the training into action back in school.

For us & Blippit it’s really powerful to get feedback from groups like how they introduced  the concepts into school with the children.  Of course there’s the wish-list angle and the suggestions have been heard and added 🙂

Here are just some of the possible uses/contexts/ideas where children can harness Blippit and app making as suggested by the teachers on Lesley’s course and Lesley herself. See an iPad in action with Blippit here to build an app to record observations in photographs.

Subject Idea
ICT Web quest
End of Year Leavers book
SATs Sats revision
ICT Branching database
Literacy Character builder
Science Identikit for mini beasts
Maths Guide to Mathematical Shapes
Literacy Thesaurus or dictionary
General / Literacy / ICT School magazine
History / Geography Dinosaur /Fossil Detective Kit with clues and links to help children identify objects
RE Festival app
History / Geography Guidebook to a famous person or place app
MFL Phrase book app
Literacy Nursery rhyme app
Community App to support a school event as a follow up or newsletter app
Competitions Competition app
Science The human body app
RE / Music Hymn app
RE / Literacy Prayer app
Topic / Creative Contexts A project app with links and ideas to help learning at home
Science Space and planets app, Seedlings Growth Record app
ICT / Science Flower Identification app
Sport Orienteering app of the school playing fields

Here’s a primary Easter app that came out of the recent course

And here’s the custom app icon they made