FREE Competition: Can you code this logo in PureCode Python?


We want you to send us your best effort at coding the Blippit IO logo to be in with a chance of winning a Chromebook in our prize draw in the first week of June 2o15.


Simply register your school for a free trial of the new Blippit IO PureCode Python, get the app in the format you want and get coding a copy of the Blippit IO logo!

When you’re happy with your code just download it from Blippit IO and email directly to by 1st June giving your school name and teacher contact.

Terms & Rules

  1. Your code file must begin with import turtle
  2. All entries must be made via a school contact and individual entries outside of a school will not be accepted though they may still be much admired.
  3. One entry per user only.
  4. Include First Name, Last Initial and age only for each entry.
  5. Your code can be simple or fancy pants.
  6. We’ll be judging mainly upon the end product but may also be swayed by cool stuff you throw in to your code to make it run nice and smooth.
  7. By entering our competition you agree to the terms listed and to be part of any marketing activity and general showing off in the future.


ONE Chromebook will be awarded as a prize to the person who in our opinion does a fantastic job at creating our logo using Blippit IO PureCode Python.  No cash alternative will be offered and our decision will be final.  The Chrome Book will look very cool and make you the envy of your chums because you will be able to add the Blippit IO PureCode Python app to it from the Chrome Web Store.

Closing Date

1st June 2015

Things you might need

Here’s the logo in a ‘clean ‘ format in case you need it and here is a list of colours to download and choose from that Blippit IO PureCode Python understands.


New Blippit Media Widgets [now live!]


Sharp-eyed Blippit users will see two new widgets above.  Even more sharp-eyed users will spot that the image widget has had an enhancement too to enable your image to become linked to another web address very easily.

New YouTube & Vimeo Widget

Usually people take the embed code from their videos in YouTube/Vimeo and paste them in to our Writer Widget.  You still can take this approach but if you’re short on time or skill we’ve just made it a whole lot easier. Just grab the link from the share area and paste that into Blippit’s Video Widget and everything is taken care of.

New SoundCloud Widget

SoundCloud originates from very similar principles to Blippit in that it’s inclusive and enabling.  As a tool the focus is on music and sound so if you’ve got music in your veins then it’s a perfect opportunity for you to take your work mobile.  Check out their Apps too on the various app stores; just search ‘SoundCloud’

Wigan Schools' App Competition

Always a real treat to hear about how young people get inspired to come up with their app ideas and sometimes a competition is as good a motivator as any – oh and some press coverage of course for those great headlines and much deserved school promotion.

Here’s one such example that came to pass via Lesley Simm @SmithillsICT in Wigan around summer time this year that caught our eye.

Smash App!


Yr 9 App Project Success Photos & Sound Bites at The Fernwood High School

[UPDATE SEPT 2014: The Scheme resources have been updated]

Occasionally late on a Friday it’s easy to feel a bit tired late in the afternoon but today these photos arrived in my inbox from The Fernwood High School’s Alex Young (Head of Computer Systems and ICT) and they were like a can of Red Bull.

Last year Alex shared his scheme of work with everyone and now here are some soundbites plus photos on the other end of that scheme.

“Just thought I’d share with you some stuff we’ve being doing here at the Fernwood School. After our successful App project, I’ve designed an App Wall in my classroom.

It’s based on the App store where the Top Apps in the school are made available to download for all students. Because students are not allowed their phones in school I made wallets on the wall for them to take a QR code home.

The students have loved it and it’s inspiring the year 7 & 8’s for next year and making the year 10’s and 11’s very envious they weren’t doing it.”

Fernwood display 3 Fernwood Display 2 Fernwood_display

Alex is also Lead Teacher for Computer Science in Nottinghamshire for CAS.

And the Blippit winners are…

Blippit WinnersAfter much deliberation and thrumming of fingertips the winners of the two FREE 1 year subscriptions are

  • Broughton Hall High School, Liverpool
  • William Brookes School, Shropshire

The winning ideas shared by Steve Beard & Michael Reid were really powerful and made us think ‘a lot’.  Your feedback and continued help are so appreciated and we hope to do it justice soon.

A massive thank you for all the contributions to the Blippit ideas pot and we hope to take as much as humanly possibly of these ideas on board to keep improving the Blippit pop-up app maker experience for everyone.