STEM App Maker Projects in the Emirates 2018


The new United Arab Emirates Design & Technology Curriculum is well under way with STEM themed app making projects and fabulous learning happening in schools such as this leading girls’ school.

The attention to detail in these apps is very noticeable, as is the thought that has gone into the preparation for the learning, supported and emphasised in the new teacher & student handbooks.

Here are some images of the girls’ work from the classroom where students are seen presenting to peers the key features, content and design considerations.  It’s nice to also see the creative use of Google Forms in a number of the apps (screenshot of one app below showing use of Google Forms).

Considering that the UAE only began using Blippit in mid-January 2018 we’re even more impressed with the rate of progress!  Congratulations to everyone involved.

Emirati App STEM App feedback app feature

Congratulations students!